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 文章主題 : Hadoop + Hbase 安裝問題
文章發表於 : 2013-11-11, 21:42 

註冊時間: 2013-10-21, 20:17
文章: 12
Hadoop 版本:0.20.2
Hbase 版本:0.90.4

查看 master:60010網頁時
出現錯誤訊息:You are currently running the HMaster without HDFS append support enabled. This may result in data loss

29264 SecondaryNameNode
29344 JobTracker
29121 NameNode
30498 Jps
30121 HMaster

slave 的jps
1747 Jps
426 DataNode
1341 HRegionServer
514 TaskTracker
1257 HQuorumPeer


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 文章主題 : Re: Hadoop + Hbase 安裝問題
文章發表於 : 2013-11-12, 16:49 

註冊時間: 2009-11-09, 19:52
文章: 2897
算是 F.A.Q 了

http://hbase.apache.org/book/configuration.html Hadoop versions 0.20.x - 1.x

HBase will lose data unless it is running on an HDFS that has a durable sync implementation. DO NOT use Hadoop 0.20.2, Hadoop, and Hadoop which DO NOT have this attribute. Currently only Hadoop versions 0.20.205.x or any release in excess of this version -- this includes hadoop-1.0.0 -- have a working, durable sync [8]. Sync has to be explicitly enabled by setting dfs.support.append equal to true on both the client side -- in hbase-site.xml -- and on the serverside in hdfs-site.xml (The sync facility HBase needs is a subset of the append code path).

You will have to restart your cluster after making this edit. Ignore the chicken-little comment you'll find in the hdfs-default.xml in the description for the dfs.support.append configuration.

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