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 文章主題 : Teradata, Aster Team 求才:Hadoop Consultant
文章發表於 : 2013-12-05, 14:17 

註冊時間: 2013-12-05, 13:56
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Taradata, Aster 团队在台湾诚聘Hadoop人才:

Hadoop Consultant:

This position requires knowledge of Big Data concepts and specifically, development of MapReduce parallel processing applications on Hadoop. The candidate will be required to function in a customer environment and must possess the skills and ability to communicate with various levels of management and technical staff.

Preference will be given to candidates with the following requirements:
• 1+ years of Hadoop/MapReduce experience or classroom experience on parallel programming
• Programming experience with MapReduce or similar parallel programming concepts
• At least 1 year of working experience or classroom experience with Hadoop environments including design and applications implementation
• Basic grasp of conceptsand hands-on experience with the overall Hadoop ecosystem (HDFS, Map Reduce, Pig/Hive, Hbase etc)
• Demonstrated analytical and problem solving skills; particularly those that apply to a Big Data environment

2 + years of applications development or classroom experience utilizing the following:
• Java, C, C++, C#,
• Perl, PHP, Python, UNIX shell, SQL, HTML, etc…
• Requirements based methodologies

2 + years of experience or classroom experience in one or more of the following operating systems and databases:

• Operating Systems: Windows, LINUX, UNIX and MVS (two or more required)
• Data Bases: Teradata, DB2, PostGreSQL, MySQL, Oracle (one or more required)

Bachelor of Science degree (minimum requirement) in one of the following:
• Engineering
• Computer Science

Willing to travel to Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Mainland China

Must have Requirements:
• Big Data/Hadoop implementation
• BS degree in computer science or engineering

Preferred Requirements:
• MS degree in computer science or engineering
• Hadoop hands-on consulting experience
• Excellent verbal written and verbal communication skills

有兴趣的朋友请联系: jessie.wang@teradata.com

Best Regards,
Jessie Wang
Teradata, Aster HR

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 文章主題 : Re: Teradata, Aster Team 求才:Hadoop Consultant
文章發表於 : 2013-12-06, 00:57 

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May the source be with you :)
- Jazz

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